The Old Ideas Tour Band
Photos by Barbara Mayer, Eija Arjatsalo, Viçenc Bigas

Clockwise: Javier Mas, Sharon Robinson,
Dino Soldo, Roscoe Beck

The Tour Band
(in alphabetical order)

Roscoe Beck - bass & vocal (Musical Director)
Alexandru Bublitchi – violin
Rafael Gayol - drums & percussion
Neil Larsen - keyboard, accordion, brass instruments
Javier Mas - acoustic guitar, oud & misc string instruments
Sharon Robinson – vocal
Mitch Watkins - guitar
Charlie and Hattie Webb, The Webb Sisters – vocal, guitar, harp

Photos from the 2008-2010 tours.
© 2008-2010 Barbara Mayer and Eija Arjatsalo.
Photo of Alexandru Bublitchi © 2007 Viçenc Bigas All Rights reserved.

Thanks to Alberto Manzano, Javier and Mario Mas

Neil Larsen on the left and Mitch Watkins

Alex Bublitchi below

Charley and Hattie Webb
Rafael Gayol