Registration to the Leonard Cohen 2014 Event is open!

The programme for the 2014 event is beginning to take shape and we recommend you register now. Our Events are not commercial undertakings so the participation fees are required to cover all the expenses associated with organising an international event including the venues, the hiring of technical and musical equipment, the souvenir programme and so on.

Registration Process.
  • Email:
    Include your name, mobile phone number and country of residence. Indicate if you are paying by bank transfer or PayPal.

  • Pay the registration fee.

  • The registration fee is 145 eur (PayPal fee is included).

  • You will receive a confirmation email when your payment has been received.
  • How to pay the Registration Fee?
    Payments can be made by direct bank transfer or PayPal.
    Foreign cheques/money orders or credit card payments are not accepted.
    Bank account details for bank transfer payments:
    Payee: Leonard Cohen Event Dublin 2014, 2nd Floor, 139 Baggot Street Lwr, Dublin 2, Ireland
    BANK: Permanent TSB, Grafton Street, Dublin 2, Ireland
    IBAN: IE22IPBS99061022100676
    PayPal Payments
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    Please note a list of the participants' names will appear on this page, if you don't want your name listed in public please state this in your email.
    Cancellation Policy
    Cancellations can only be made by emailing:

    October 2013 - January 31st 2014 = 100% refund.
    February 1st - April 30th 2014 = 50% refund.

    Cancellations made after April 30th 2014 will not be eligible for a refund.
    Our Event is a fan happening
    Please note that this Event is for all Leonard Cohen fans and members of The Leonard Cohen Forum. Leonard will not be at the Event, but he is there with us in spirit! He knows our Events very well, and has been supporting them in many ways since we had the first one in 1998.

    There is student accommodation available in Trinity College Dublin which is in the city centre and a five minute walk from the Event venue at Liberty Hall theatre. More details here.
    Committee members:
    Paula McCann - chairman of the committee
    Albert Noonan
    Sheila O'Mahoney
    Marie Nolan
    Afric Prendergast

    May update
    I'm delighted to bring you another update on what is promising to be a fantastic event in Dublin next August.

    There will be a stellar line-up of bands for the concerts and you will be treated to an eclectic mixture of music and songs over the three nights.

    A printer-friendly pdf version of the Event Programme can be found here

    Leonard Cohen Event 2014
    Dublin, Ireland - 7th – 10th August 2014

    Programme of Events

    Thursday, 7th August 2014

    7.30pm Early Bird Registration

    Getting to Know You – Caint, craic agus ceol (chat, fun and music &song)

    Venue: Lansdowne Hotel, Pembroke Road, Dublin 4.

    Friday, 8th August 2014

    Morning: Dublin city delights: tours/museums/historical & literary trails/art galleries

    1-2.30pm: Registration @ Liberty Hall theatre

    2.30-4.30pm: Spoken Word
    Discover why Leonard called Dublin a city of poets & singer with an afternoon of leading Irish writers and poets. The line-up includes John MacKenna, Dermot Bolger, Gerard Smyth, Leif Bodnarchuk and The Poetry Divas.

    8pm: Gala concert “Down by the Liffeyside”
    Gerry Tully, Ireland
    Patricia O’Callaghan & band, Canada

    Post Concert: Caint, craic agus ceol (chat, fun and music & song)

    Saturday, 9th August 2014

    Morning: Dublin city delights: tours/museums/historical & literary trails/art galleries

    2pm-4.30pm: Open Mic

    8pm: Gala Concert “The Angelus Bells o’er the Liffey’s swell rang out through the foggy dew”
    The Van Diemens, Ireland

    Post Concert: Caint, craic agus ceol (chat, fun and music & song)

    Sunday, 10th August 2014

    Morning: Dublin city delights: tours/museums/historical & literary trails/art galleries

    2.30pm: Leonard Cohen in Concert: Screening of a concert from the 2013 tour

    8pm: Gala concert “Fare thee well sweet Anna Liffey”
    Tir Na nÓg, Ireland
    Ali & the Thieves, Australia

    Post Concert: Caint, craic agus ceol (chat, fun and music & song)

    Looking forward to seeing you in Dublin!
    All good things.
    December update
    I am delighted to report the draft programme for the 2014 Leonard Cohen Event is coming together nicely with the three core elements of the Spoken Word, Open Mic and the concerts.

    The venue for the 2014 Leonard Cohen Event Dublin is Liberty Hall Theatre, Dublin 1. It is in the city centre on the banks of the River Liffey, 2 minutes walk from O'Connell Street, and 5 minutes walk from Grafton Street and Temple Bar.

    Accommodation hints in Dublin have been posted here on The Forum so folks can look at hotels/guest houses etc. in the vicinity of the venue.

    Dublin is a UNESCO City of Literature: in fact, the Dublin Book Festival has just taken place. Leonard refers to Dublin as the "city of poets and singers" and so to honour our literary tradition and to acknowledge our man as a poet and writer, we have a very strong Spoken Word line-up for the Event:
  • John MacKenna - novelist/playwright/radio producer/he did a whole series of radio interviews with Leonard called "How the heart approaches what it yearns" (on the Files),
  • Leif Bodnarchuk- writer/blogger/technician on the Old Ideas tour,
  • Gerard Smyth - poet and literary editor of The Irish Times,
  • Dermot Bolger - novelist/poet/playwright,
  • The Poetry Divas.

  • Anyone interested in participating at the Open Mic please contact Andrew through the Forum (Darby) or email

    Paula McCann
    On behalf of the organising committee

    The following persons have registered and paid the participation fee (names in alphabetical order):

    Aaftink, Mary - Canada (ON)
    Arjatsalo, Jarkko & Eija - Finland
    Bacon-Smith, Elizabeth - USA (FL)
    Bailey, Sue - UK
    Barclay, Lyn - Canada (ON)
    Bartels, Anne - Germany
    Berg, Christine & Hulsbergen, Rola - Netherlands
    Bohan, Tom - USA (ME)
    Bowles, Chrissie - UK
    Brophy, Brid - Ireland
    Chipman, Jill & Mallory - Canada (AB)
    Christelle - France
    Cohen, Doron B. - Japan
    Correia, Paula - Portugal
    Crosbie, Tony - Ireland
    Cummer, Don - Canada
    Dahart, Diana - USA (MI)
    Darbyshire, Andrew - Australia
    Daykin, Janet - UK
    de Graaff, Aad & Bogaard, Gery - Netherlands
    *Declan, Murray - Ireland
    Deline, Patty & Graham - Canada (ON)
    Devlin, Jim - UK
    Dixon, Olwen - Ireland
    Dorr, Ciaran - UK
    Everett, Dave - UK
    Ezekiel Joy - USA (TX)
    Farebrother, Sue - UK
    Farrell, Raymond - Ireland
    Forsyth, Ken - UK
    Franz, Christoph - Germany
    Franz, Henning - Germany
    Garland, Rita - Ireland
    Giusy - Italy
    *Goeschel, Frauke - Germany
    *Goodwin, Joan - Canada (ON)
    Granofsky, Lorne & Lederman, Gloria - Canada (QC)
    Gutschmidt, Caren & Kloss, Hans - Germany
    Hammond, Jill & John - UK
    Harbus, Ian - USA (NY)
    Harrington, Fiona & Pennifold, John - UK
    Hawthorne, Sarah - N. Ireland
    Haze, Jarmila - Netherlands
    Heikkilä, Pirkko & Kaisa - Finland
    Hiljanen, Sinikka - Finland
    Humphries, Margaret - UK
    Hutchinson, Marian & Creasey, Mary - Ireland
    Irion, Norman - USA (NY)
    Jackson, Sarah - N. Ireland
    Jahnel, Manuel - Germany
    *Jenkins, Paula - UK
    Joha, Erich & Doris - Austria
    Kearney, Martina - Ireland
    Kelber, Notker & Gertrud - Germany
    *Kirby, Tracey & Knott, Jim - Australia
    Krasuski, Krzysztof & Ciok, Krzysztof - Poland
    Kuivalainen, Petri & Oljakka, Auli - Finland
    Kurzweil, Ken & Sunday, Suzanne - USA (NY)
    Lageveen, Willy & Wybe - Netherlands
    Langford, Gwen - Ireland
    Lex, Christa - USA/Germany
    Liptrot, Philips & Jean - UK
    Lohse, Juergen & Gesine - Germany
    Lynham, Bernadine - Ireland
    Macleod, Mandy, Mike & Lachlan - UK
    MacMillan, Scott & Helen - UK
    Marshall, Wendy - UK
    Martonyi, Eva - Hungary
    Massa, Eddy & Mechiels, Ann - Belgium
    Massa, Maarten - Belgium
    McCann, Paula - Ireland
    McSweeney, Helen - Ireland
    Meijer, Mirian & Boeyen, Kees - Netherlands
    Mentink, Lydia & companion - Netherlands
    *Morris, Linda & John - UK
    Newton, Jill & Richard - Australia
    *Nicolaescu, Laura - Romania
    Nolan, Marie & Noonan, Albert - Ireland
    O'Leary, Tom - N. Ireland
    O'Connell, Jimmy - Ireland
    O'Connor, Brian - Ireland
    O'Mahony, Sheila - Ireland
    Needham, Pete - UK
    Peters, Steve - UK
    Piepenbrock, Nellie & Van der Leer, Henrik - Netherlands
    Podebradska, Vlasta - The Czech Republic
    Pottier, Ingrid - Belgium
    Price Jones, Dafydd - UK
    Remy, Judy - France
    Roberts, Christine & Roberts, Andrew - UK
    Robinson, Jane - N. Ireland
    Rohr, Gabriele & Reinhard - Germany
    Rucker-Müller, Claudia - Germany
    Salles, Beatriz - Spain
    Sauerwein, Rainer & Karin - Germany
    Schmaltz, Bruce & Monique - Canada
    Schwarzwaelder Andrea & Dolfino, Marco - Italy
    Shertzman, Valerie - USA (CA)
    Solez, Kim - Canada (AB)
    Sorreau, Julien - France
    Storms, Willy & de Moor, Claire - Belgium
    Tanahashi, Yoshio - Japan
    Vainio, Maire & Pentti - Finland
    van Ruth, Liesbeth - Netherlands
    van Zwietering, Lia & van Gorkum, Ine - Netherlands
    Way, Joe & Anne - USA (WI)
    Weinrauch, Harald & Bartsch, Regina - Germany
    White, Marsha - USA (CA)
    Viana, Maria - Portugal
    *Williams, Diane & friend - UK
    Volk, Conny - Germany
    Wolkind, Michael & Galant, Justyna - UK
    Yergin, April & Moore, Micky - USA (TX)
    *Zabaniotou, Anastasia & Talola, Mikko - Greece/Finland

    * - names added this week

    Latest update July 19, 2014
    This list has been open since October 5, 2013.