November xx: Bryn Mawr, USA - The Main Point

1) Bird on the Wire

2) Je Veux Vivre Tout Seul (Bird on the Wire in French)

3) So Long, Marianne

4) There Is a War

5) One of Us Cannot Be Wrong

6) The Stranger Song

7) Hey That's No Way to Say Goodbye

8) Guerrero

9) Diamonds in the Mine

10) Who By Fire

11) Don't Go Home With Your Hard-On

12) The Partisan

13) Story of Isaac

14) Famous Blue Raincoat

15) Came So Far for Beauty

16) Sisters of Mercy

17) I Guess it's Time (early The Smokey Life)

18) The Traitor Song

19) Lover Lover Lover

20) Is This What You Wanted

21) Lady Midnight