Allan Brack is a full-time artist currently living and working in the UK. After over twenty years of organizing festivals and arts events, he now concentrates on his own art work. His paintings have been shown in various galleries and venues in the North of England. All of his recent thirty works take their titles from the songs of Leonard Cohen.

'Caught in the grip of an undertow'

'Look at me one last time'

'Oh love aren't you tired yet?'

'We rise to play a greater part'

“Three years ago an angel appeared in my broken life. She wrapped her wings around me and fed me the music of Leonard Cohen – food which had clearly sustained her and given her strength for most of her life. She encouraged me to paint again, difficult at first, the painting then became a process of healing, and I eventually experienced what I can only describe as a ‘Spiritual Awakening.’

Leonard’s music gave me the courage to travel through the unknown into that which has always been known. What a privilege for an artist to travel and paint to a voice and an orchestra summoned from the heavens, with songs that sing of human frailty, redemption and love.

In the beginning, whilst listening to ‘The Future,’ my paintings of the sea, and the boat - a metaphor for the self - tended towards abstraction, and my search to express my own recovery. ‘Ten New Songs’ directly suggested many of the titles, and increasingly affected the imagery. Upon the arrival of ‘Dear Heather,’ I felt like an actor awaiting his lines. Three of the pieces on the drawing board immediately found titles and fresh meaning through the beautiful, haunting lyrics of these new songs.

At times he touches me with biblical messages from the mountain and words sung from the balconies of towers with many views – a landscape of all that is, and visions of all that has been. His music dips into and flows out of the pure well of creativity. It guides me, gives me courage and inspires me with its spiritual honesty. I am eternally grateful to him for this extraordinary gift.” - Allan Brack

© 2004 Allan Brack. All Rights reserved.
Reprinted here by permission of the artist.

- Allan is open to discussion on his work, suggestions on the display or exhibition of the originals, and the sale of signed limited edition prints. Connect with his website at