Photo © 2004 Anjani Thomas
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Photo collage © 2004 Kadir Ercan
Leonard Cohen will be 70 on September 21, 2004. The Leonard Cohen Files website has launched this birthday present project and invites all its visitors to join. We will do this on cost-sharing basis.

  • We will have an official Finnish stamp printed to celebrate Leonard's birthday. A recent color photo shot by Lorca Cohen will be on the stamp (both the stamp and the photo will be shown on this site after the Birthday). The stamp will be official Finnish stamp for any domestic or international use, but will be printed in limited number and will not be sold anywhere. Leonard will get sets of the stamp with names of all the fans who have participated. There will be also a more traditional birthday present. We have some ideas already, and the final choice will be made according to the amount of money we have collected. If there will be any surplus, it will be donated to War Child Canada.

  • Every participant will get:
    * His/her name included in the list given to Leonard with the present

    * A special birthday postcard with the stamp, postmarked on September 21 (if possible), air mailed to the address given by the participant

    No need to mention that the postcard with the stamp will be also a collectors' item. Therefore the number of cards is limited to just one for each participant.

    Update on September 2:

    The registration for the Birthday project has been closed today. We have ordered the stamps and postcards and they will be mailed on September 21 to all participants. Leonard's presents will be shipped to him in time (and they will be featured on this page on September 21). You may also send your greetings to him through The Leonard Cohen Forum (a special thread will be opened in the "News" section of the Forum).

    A big Thank-You to all our contributors - 320 of them!!!