USA 2002

1. Bird on a Wire
2. Famous Blue Raincoat
3. Sisters of Mercy
4. Joan Of Arc
5. Master Song
6. Suzanne
7. Take This Longing
8. Seems So Long Ago, Nancy
9. Story of Isaac
10. Winter Lady
11. If It Be Your Will

"(...) Bergeron has managed to capture all the enigma filled nuances of Leonard Cohen without compromising the artist's integrity. But to merely say he did Mr. Cohen justice would be a sad, shameless understatement. It's much more than that. Bergeron has taken the melancholy Cohen is famous for to an entirely new level. For those of us who get the most listening pleasure out of the deep, sad and edgy stuff that Cohen helped introduce to the pop world, this is an album for you. Bergeron hails from America's favorite musical land, southern Louisiana, and he successfully brings that tasty flavor to this recording with the use of fiddle by the great Hank Singer. Don't add any salt or pepper to this one. The spices are already just right."

-Craig Grossman
Back in the mid 70’s, when I lived in Denver, I attended a Leonard Cohen concert at Ebbits Field, Denver’s premier concert hall. The concert was sold out and I was promised comp tickets by a “friend” who was connected with one of the local concert promoters in the area. So there I was, with a few others in the same predicament, waiting at the entrance for my friend to show up, as there was no record of us being on the guest list.
I had just about given up hope when Leonard Cohen walked through the front door as if he were one of the audience, guitar case in hand. The nice young lady at the ticket counter, knowing how we would be disappointed if we didn’t get in, seized the moment and said, “Mr. Cohen, these people were supposed to get tickets from so-n-so but he hasn’t arrived”. Without skipping a beat, he said, “Let them be my guests”. I thanked him and shook his hand. That brief moment meant so much to me and has left an indelible image in my memory. We all have these mental photographs of special moments in time. This is one of mine.

- John Bergeron

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USA 2004

1. Seems So Long Ago, Nancy
2. Take This Longing
3. Story of Isaac
4. Famous Blue Raincoat
5. Joan Of Arc
6. Sisters of Mercy
7. Master Song
8. Bird on a Wire
9. If It Be Your Will
10. Winter Lady
11. Suzanne

John Bergeron, piano & vocals
Ali Lurie, vocals