"Let's sing another song"
The Leonard Cohen Event
Berlin, August 11-13, 2006

The Berlin Event (August 11 to 13, 2006) was organized by Henning Franz and his team.
The photo is from the final meeting of the organizers and helpers before the Event:
Jarkko, Kadir, Fridemann, Marco, Andrea, Henning, Ulla, Linda & Dick

***** The Event Report *****

Created by Jarkko and Eija Arjatsalo

  • Photos from the Registration
  • The Event mementos
  • The Opening Ceremony
  • The Friday concert
  • The Open Mic
  • The Saturday concert
  • The Sunday Dinner
  • The Dance Party
  • Beautiful Losers in Berlin - page 1
  • Beautiful Losers in Berlin - page 2
  • Beautiful Losers in Berlin - page 3
  • The Reichstag Tour
  • The city Walk
  • The Nights at Streseman
  • The Nights at Ibis
  • The Farewell Brunch
  • Extra:
  • Pre-Event Meetup in Cracow

    Photos by (in alphabetical order): Eija Arjatsalo, Jarkko Arjatsalo, Bobbie Chalou, Don Cummer, Andrea Dolfino, Ken Forsyth, Christoph Franz, Justyna Galant, Pawel Gorny, Dany Hilven, Sebastian Korta, Ken Kurzweil, Wijbe Lageveen, Donna Lee Palmer, Barbara Mayer, Sally Michalski, Anne Mitchell, Martti Müller, Kim Solez, Linda Straub, Tim Vincent, Diane Williams

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    Coming soon: Berlin Event DVD directed by Wijbe Lageveen! Watch the trailer - order it from Henning

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  • The Artists
  • The Participants
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