AUGUST 3-5, 2018

Our May Update: The Event program!

Registration to The Event is now open!

Hi Friends,

the Registration to the 11th Leonard Cohen Event is now open.
The official dates are August 3-5, 2018 but we might have some pre-Event programs on the 2nd of August so make your plan accordingly!

Our venue has a strict limit of 190 participants so we recommend you to register early.

Our event is not commercial, so the participation fees are required to cover all the expenses associated with organizing an international event including the venues, bands, the hiring of technical and musical equipment, the souvenirs and so on.

Registration Process

1) Send email to: Include your name(s), mobile phone number, country of residence, T-shirt size, male/female. Indicate if you are paying by bank transfer or PayPal. Please note that we cannot accept cheques!

Example :
Name : Leonardo di Cohen
Mobile : +12 345678900
T-shirt size : S/M/L/XL/XXL Male/Female
country : Cohenland
paying method : Bank / Pay Pal

If you are a forum member, please add your Forum nickname. It would also be nice to get a recent photo of you attached.

Let us know if you, for some reason, don't want to show your full name on the online Event pages.

2) Pay the registration fee, €180.

A few days after your email and payment have been received you will receive a confirmation email.

How to pay the Registration Fee?

Payments can be made by direct bank transfer (SEPA transfer is the cheapest if your country is a SEPA member) or PayPal. Check this page to learn if you live in the SEPA area.

Other payment methods cannot be accepted. Sorry, we can't accept cheques!

Credit card holders may pay through PayPal even if they don't have an account there (also remember to pay the PayPal fee!)

Bank account details for bank transfer payments:

  • PAYEE: Eva Martonyi (Address: Vasut sor 7 Dunavarsany, 2336 Hungary)
  • BANK: OTP Banka Slovensko (Bank address: Sturova 5, 813 54 Bratislava, Slovenska Republika)
  • IBAN: SK63 5200 0000 0000 1765 4377

    PayPal Payments:

  • go to and log in.
  • Recipient account:
  • Make sure The Event will receive the full amount! This means that you have to pay all the PayPal fees for both ends of the transaction, and add 8 eur per person to your payment. Instead of 180 eur, you have to pay 188 eur per person. This way the Event gets 180 eur!
  • Fill the amount in EUR to the box on the right Recipient receives. The box of the left shows how much you will be charged (in your currency).
  • No problem if you have no PayPal account or any balance on your existing account – you will be able to pay through their secure services by your credit card.

    Cancellation policy :

  • if cancelled before Jan 15, 2018 - 75 % of the fee will be refunded -
  • if cancelled before March 15, 2018 - 50 % of the fee will be refunded
  • after March 15, 2018 - there will be no refunds
  • the registrant has the right to transfer the registration to another person (and be able to get the whole fee refunded from the new participant)

    The names of the participants will be posted on this page. You can also find the information on our Facebook Event page

    The Venue: Budapest Jazz Club

    Our Venue, The Budapest Jazz Club (BJC) is located near the east foot of Margaret Bridge, not far from the Parliament building or the West Railway Station. (Address: 1136 Budapest, Hollan Erno u. 7.)

    Visit their website for more info, a photo gallery or a panoramic view: The venue has a bar and a bistro as well. The Club was converted from an old cinema building, and serves as a cosy concert venue since then.

    * * * * * * *

    The Event is organized by Eva Martonyi, The Leonard Cohen Files, and The Leonard Cohen Forum.

    Use this email address if you have any questions, or post on The Forum in this section .

    I have posted accommodation tips here on the Forum.

    Looking forward to seeing many familiar and new faces in Budapest!!

    Eva Martonyi
    Budapest on October 16, 2017

    Participants of the 2018 Event:
    (in alphabetical order)
    New names this week marked with "*"
    Please note that we can take only 190 participants
    Don't be late with your registration!

    Aebi, Christoph - Switzerland
    Amrei - Denmark
    Arjatsalo, Eija & Jarkko - Finland
    Armstrong, Janet - UK, Northern Ireland
    Auerbach, Lewis - Canada
    Bacon-Smith, Elizabeth - USA
    Barclay, Lyn - Canada
    Barta, Zsuzsa & Dozsa, K. - Australia
    Bennett, Alan & Cari - USA
    Berg, Christine & van Egmond, Marie-Elaine - The Netherlands
    Bernecker, Daniela & Oliver - Germany
    Brophy, Brid - Ireland
    Chipman, Mallory & Hansen, Brett - Canada
    Christelle - France
    Creasey, Mary - Ireland
    Cummer, Don & McCann, Paula - Canada/Ireland
    Darbyshire, Andrew - Australia
    Daykin, Janet - UK
    Dimitrijevic, Nenad & Mirjana - Hungary
    Dullemont, Hélène & Hugo - The Netherlands
    Durbin,Lis - UK
    Egle, Ute & Owart, Norbert- Germany/USA
    Everatt, Dave - UK
    Farebrother, Sue & de Kreij, Gert - UK/The Netherlands
    Fleuren, Joan - The Netherlands
    Franz, Christoph - Germany
    Franz, Henning & Elke - Germany
    Girrbach, Werner - Germany
    van Gorkum, Ine - The Netherlands
    Hawthorne, Sarah - Northern Ireland
    Heikkilä, Kaisa & Pirkko - Finland
    Helm, Roland - Germany
    Hiljanen, Sinikka - Finland
    Hoppe, Helga - Germany
    Howlin, Patrick & Dolan, Mary - Ireland
    Houghton, Barry - IK
    Jerič, Milan & Urška - Slovenia
    Joha, Erich & Doris - Austria
    Kelber, Gertrud & Notker - Germany
    Kernohan, Derek - UK, Northern Ireland
    Kloss, Hans & Gutschmidt, Caren - Germany
    Krasuski, Krzysztof & Ciok, Krzysztof - Poland
    Kuivalainen, Petri & Oljakka, Auli - Finland
    Kurzweil, Arthur & Bobby - USA
    Kurzweil, Ken & Suzanne - USA
    Lageveen, Willy & Wybe - The Netherlands
    Lex, Christa - Germany/USA
    Liptrot, Philip & Jean - UK
    Lohse, Gesine & Jurgen - Germany
    Lundqvist, Janerik & Caisa - Sweden
    MacMillan, Scott & Helen - UK
    Madder, Lizzie & Dawson, Peter - UK
    McSweeney, Helen & Hutchinson, Marian - Ireland
    van der Mark, Gerda - The Netherlands
    Marshall, Wendy - UK
    Massa, Eddy & Mechiels, Ann - Belgium
    Massa, Maarten & Nele - Belgium
    Moxey, Brian & Seidler, Jan - Cyprus
    Noonan, Albert & Nolan, Marie - Ireland
    Ooievaar, Oscar & Blangé, Babet - The Netherlands
    O'Connor, Brian & Caroline - ireland
    O'Leary,Tom - Northern Ireland
    O'Mahony, Sheila - Ireland
    Parry, Carys & John, Carrog, Eleri - UK
    Pennifold, John & Harrington, Fiona - UK/Ireland
    Peters, Steve - UK
    Podebradska, Vlasta - the Czech Republic
    Robinson, Jane & Jackson, Sarah - Northern Ireland
    Rohr, Reinhard & Gabriele - Germany
    *Ross, Greg & Aschenbrenner-Ross, Ann-Kristin - Australia
    van Ruth, Liesbeth - The Netherlands
    Ryan, Breda & Woods, Garrett, Elijah & Ethan - Ireland
    Sauerwein, Karin & Rainer - Germany
    Schumacher, Hartmut & Lidia - Germany
    Simpson, Leslie - Canada
    Skill, Bridget & Steve - UK
    Smale, Christine & O'Reilly, Kieran & Clements, Amber - UK
    Solez, Kim & Elaine - Canada
    Szell-Poola, Emoke Eva - Canada
    Vainio, Maire & Pentti - Finland
    Vámos, Marianna - Hungary
    Volk, Conny - Germany
    Way, Joe & Anne - USA
    Weizenkorn, Heike - Germany
    Williams, June - Greece
    *Wolkind, Michael - UK
    Wroblewski, Stanislaw
    van Zwietering, Lia - The Netherlands

    This list is open since October 23, 2017.
    Latest update on May 23, 2018

    * * * * * * *

    Here is the original invitation to Budapest (posted after the Amsterdam Event in 2016):

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    Title photo © Eija Arjatsalo