October 16, 2001

Front covers of magazines (Fall 2001)
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On October 16, 2001, Leonard and Kelley visited the Chatroom of The Leonard Cohen Files. They came in after the chat at JAM. Sylvia, Kelley's assistant at Stranger Management, first signed-in using her name, and then Leonard and Kelley were lurking for some time before uncovering themselves in a private chat with Jarkko. The text on this page is only slightly edited (greetings to incoming visitors have been removed; The name Sylvia has been replaced by Leonard to make it easier to follow). A live chat may look a bit chaotic when one reads the texts afterwards but it makes sense if you are participating in the live discussion yourself! Welcome to the chatroom - maybe Leonard will have another look some day!

(22:40) *** Sylvia has joined #cohenfans
(22:40) (Sarah) Eliza: i'm doing very well, despite the rain pouring down here.
(22:40) (Annemarie) I wish it was me, who had seen Cohen live, please tell about his concert
(22:40) (eliza) good to hear Sarah ;-)
(22:40) (several) hi Sylvia
(22:41) (Hydra_Wol) ;-) Friends
(22:41) (louisa) Concert of Cohen was to me like being in a place that was safe and warm and very welcoming with space for philosophy, are you by any change Dutch Annemarie?
(22:42) (Annemarie) no, Danish
(22:43) (Hydra_Wol) München 1993 was a good one
(22:43) (louisa) Well Denmark is perhaps almost Holland, have you ever been here, I did visit Denmark, long ago in 1979, but I did love it, because of al the room you have
(22:45) (faylasoof) Sarah! so how have you been
(22:46) (Hydra_Wol) Well, I did exist. And I have thrown a fistful of ants to all your necks. Sincerely,
(22:46) (Annemarie) no, never been in Holland. But I think LC has made a concert in Denmark some years ago, but it was before I discovered his beautiful texts - for real
(22:46) (faylasoof) Sylvia, where you from
(22:47) (louisa) Well your never to old or young to discover the world of Cohen, it is to me and my husband the perfect way to relax
(22:47) (Sarah) Fay: I've been doing very well, thank you.
(22:47) (faylasoof) hope all is well in TO
(22:48) (Hydra_Wol) :-) Love is the word.
(22:48) (Annemarie) No, but now I really wish I had discovered it earlier
(22:48) (louisa) whenever you plan to come to Holland, Annemarie, just let me know, I will be back in the chatroom, for now good night.
(22:48) (Sarah) Fay: yes, things are okay here in T.O.
(22:49) (Sarah) Fay: how about Montreal? How are you guys doing?
(22:49) (faylasoof) fine, fine, Sarah. The weather is holding up, as is my job
(22:50) (Sarah) Fay: oh good! Weather's the pits here though...it's been raining all day today, and more tomorrow.
(22:50) (faylasoof) oh great, so the rain shall be visiting us tomorrow
(22:50) (Sarah) yep, Ottawa's getting it this evening, according to the CBC, but then, who can trust them? ;-)
(22:51) (faylasoof) hahahaha very true. aye that's another story, CBC programming is killing me
(22:51) (Hydra_Wol) F. are you there? F.? You ruined my life. Thanks! ;-))~^
(22:51) (faylasoof) with the recent events, the stranger their programming has become
(22:51) (faylasoof) ? Hydra
(22:52) (Sarah) Fay: killing you? it's killing all us Canucks! heh heh
(22:52) (Hydra_Wol) Yes the island
(22:52) (faylasoof) so you going to Hydra Sarah?
(22:53) (Allan) "We promised him his glory, but we drank all his wine....
(22:53) (Sarah) Fay: yep sirreeee bob!
(22:53) (dem) Hydra Wol: what is your relation to the island???
(22:53) (faylasoof) woo hoo
(22:53) (Hydra_Wol) The island ruined my life :-)
(22:53) (faylasoof) how long you staying, and you finally meeting "the man"
(22:54) (Hydra_Wol) Years, years. I am still in Bill's Bar (later Amalour), part of me, the existential me
(22:54) (dem) ic
(22:55) (Hydra_Wol) ic?
(22:55) (dem) are you Greek?
(22:55) (Tim) hydra_wolf: 'ic' is 'I see'
(22:55) (Hydra_Wol) no
(22:56) (Hydra_Wol) ic (!!)
(22:56) (vano) does anybody know about the chat with LC?
(22:56) (Sarah) Fay: I'd like to incorporate a two week stay. :)
(22:56) (kadir) tim ;-), nice
(22:56) (faylasoof) oh that would be great
(22:56) (guest) LC says "In a way it's a better song now than it was before" about First We Take Manhattan... very interesting...
(22:57) (jarkko) Friends, Sylvia here in the chatroom is Kelley's assistant and both Leonard and Kelley are now here
(22:57) Leonard: Hi Friends.
(22:57) (jarkko) So welcome Leonard, Kelley and...
(22:57) (faylasoof) hello
(22:57) (Tim) welcome, all of you
(22:57) (Hydra_Wol) Hi!
(22:57) Leonard: Thanks for having us.
(22:58) (jarkko) any idea how many questions were sent to the chat, Leonard?
(22:58) Leonard: There were about 40.
(22:58) (kadir) welcome !!!!!!!!!
(22:58) Leonard: We are nervous wrecks from the chat.
(22:58) (dem) Who is Leonard??????????
(22:58) (faylasoof) this is truly an honour to be on the same wave-length of 1's and 0's as the Lennie troupe
(22:58) (jarkko) But it went really well..
(22:58) Leonard: It was harder than making the record.
(22:58) (faylasoof) Leonard, there is no bigger fan in here than myself
(22:58) Leonard: Very kind of you.
(22:58) (jarkko) good questions and great answers!
(22:59) (kadir) he he fay !
(22:59) Leonard: he he fay yourself
(22:59) (jarkko) Somebody has already posted the transcription on the message board of the Files, is it ok to leave it there or should I remove it?
(22:59) (Hydra_Wol) Director :-)
(22:59) (guest) nice answers those were in the chat
(22:59) Leonard: I really appreciate the attention you have given to my work.
(22:59) (chris007) Is Joan Of Arc really Leonard himself?
(23:00) Leonard: You mean Leonard herself.
(23:00) (jarkko) Leonard, it was great to hear that you are working on two more albums - any details yet about the live album?
(23:01) Leonard: It will come from the same series of concerts from which we took the songs on "Cohen Live." That is the concerts of 1988 and 1993.
(23:01) (chris007) Sylvia I never gave that athought 'till now
(23:02) (sansfoye) is Leonard really here?
(23:02) (jarkko) Would you please include the monologues between the songs as well - they are an essential part of the concerts
(23:02) (Sarah) Sylvia: oh nice.
(23:02) Leonard: Yes. And happy to be here.
(23:02) (Tim) second Jarkko's sentiment there
(23:02) Leonard: I find the monologues don't wear well with repeated listening.
(23:03) (Tim) not that I'd know, not having seen Leonard 'live' unfortunately
(23:03) (Hydra_Wol) Sylvia, did you meet Kris Kristofferson recently?
(23:03) (jarkko) But they would give the feeling of being in the concert - and that's what the live records are for???
(23:03) Leonard: You've got a point but I never looked at it that way.
(23:03) (susanshhu) live was always good
(23:04) (faylasoof) may i transcribe a poem for Leonard
(23:04) (sansfoye) I met Kris Kristofferson when I was 12 years old and it was exciting
(23:04) (jarkko) Leonard: any news about BOOK OF LONGING?
(23:04) Leonard: I always think of the live songs as complete in themselves. Different versions. Often with more energy.

(23:05) (faylasoof):
by lawrence breavman - on behalf of adam, lorca, and myself
many exhaust your work
analysis until it sits
there limp on a page
or lack-lustre
aural form
weak/strong deconstruct
tease attempt to awaken fear
pull the trigger
your head
and out pour the words
knead it to find
faults grains of wheat
but where are you now
the seeds of dandelion
blown are infinite
bastardized children of thought
making/killing breavman
vanity drinks from your veins
come back nurture
the one crowned with laurel

(23:05) Leonard: My friend Robert Bower calls it "The Book of Prolonging."
(23:05) (babz) Heh heh
(23:05) (jarkko) Well friends, we have Leonard here as "Sylvia". Any questions to ask now?!
(23:05) Leonard: Breavman says thank you.
(23:05) (dem) Leonard: hi from Greece!
(23:06) (Hydra_Wol) It IS hard to show a pimple
(23:06) (sansfoye) Leonard, i just want to say that you have been my biggest influence and inspiration as far as poetry goes
(23:06) (babz) My question for Leonard was: Have I loved enough?
(23:06) (sansfoye) I've been writing since I was very young
(23:06) Leonard: Yasoo!
(23:06) (sansfoye) and i've always loved your work
(23:06) (faylasoof) Leonard, have you read Khalil Gibran? If so, do you see any similarities in sensibility?
(23:06) (susanshhu) Leonard, if you are there, what do you think of Kurt Cobain?
(23:06) (LC_lover) Friends, I cant help being the silent one now ;-)
(23:06) (kadir) so thanks to Leonard, responding our birthday card, in this way !
(23:06) Leonard: Great singer, sad story.
(23:07) (dem) Leonard:is there any chance to meet one day in Hydra?
(23:07) Leonard: My daughter was reading Kahlil Gibran to me the other day.
(23:07) (chris007) Leonard did you really make out with Janis Joplin?
(23:07) (guest) Mr Cohen:what does A-- stand for in BeautifulLosers?
(23:07) (susanshhu) is life humourous or is it tragic?
(23:07) (N) what is your daughter's name, Silvia?
(23:08) Leonard: A-. They were the tribe that always lost.
(23:08) Leonard: My daughter's name is Lorca.
(23:08) (LC_lover) Leonard, I have no questions... I am speechless, just want to say I love you. Thanks...
(23:08) Leonard: I thank you.
(23:09) (guest) i mean the full name of the tribe.. what's that?
(23:09) (N) I thought so
(23:09) (N) how are you doing?
(23:09) (babz) Did they go to the Land of Nod?
(23:09) (dem) Leonard:is there a way for a man to get a woman back by not begging on his knees?
(23:09) Leonard: It was just the first letter of the alphabet. The beginning of the whole story.
(23:09) (faylasoof) Sylvia, can i have your number? hahahahahahah
(23:09) (sansfoye) Leonard, will you marry me?
(23:09) Leonard: I don't know. I never got a woman back.
(23:09) (dem) :-)
(23:10) (image) I never wanted them back
(23:10) (Tim) Leonard, I think you said in the chat that you saw your son play 'live' recently - do you see much live music? Do you have a favourite live band?
(23:10) (susanshhu) I may have missed the point here, but why Mr Cohen , are you masquerading under the name of Sylvia?
(23:10) (jarkko) Leonard, any idea how many interviews you were giving during the promotion of the album???
(23:10) Kelley: Kelley's assistant signed on -- Sylvia -- and Leonard wanted to say hello.
(23:10) (kadir) leonard I found an angram for your name : NON ROLE ACHED = LEONARD COHEN :-)
(23:11) (N) Silvia - you finished that jar of .,.... yet?
(23:11) (LC_lover) hehe kadir ;-)
(23:11) (dem) Leonard:can I ask something personal?
(23:11) Leonard: Let's hear it.
(23:12) (faylasoof) Leonard, have you met the people that now live in your childhood home? was it painful for you?
(23:12) (dem) How to you deal with the issue of death at this point of your life?
(23:13) Leonard: I'm not worried about death. It's the preliminaries that bother me.
(23:13) (les) Like living?
(23:13) (dem) can you explain that a bit please?
(23:13) (babz) I let death worry about me!
(23:14) (susanshhu) O.K., if we are into declarations of love here.... And if Sylvia is indeed Leonard Cohen, s'pose I must be deeply, darkly, hopelessly, unrequitedly etc etc , in love with Sylvia.
(23:14) (sansfoye) Leonard, if i don't ever have the chance to see you in concert, i think my life may lose all meaning :-)
(23:14) (John_Kell) so mine must have a lot of meaning I was at about 5 or 6 concerts
(23:15) (sansfoye) i think all female cohen fans must be a little in love with someone so incredibly talented
(23:15) (MarieM) Leonard, your new album is wonderful. How have you managed to become so productive suddenly. If it comes in a bottle, can we buy it?
(23:15) (Adam) so my life has never had any meaning ;-)
(23:16) (Hydra_Wol) Is the (beautiful) loser ethos connected to The Ucraine?
(23:16) (susanshhu) It is not so much talent, as an ability to speak to the female psyche.
(23:16) (Micky) Full house here?
(23:16) (John_Kell) again
(23:17) *** dem changes topic to 'Mr.Cohen is with us right now'
(23:17) (faylasoof) Leonard, which is your favourite watering hole in modern day montreal?
(23:17) (N) Where the hell is Snow!!!!
(23:18) (jarkko) Please do not write helloes and byes this time - let's concentrate on Leonard
(23:18) Leonard: Most of those places in Montreal are gone.
(23:18) (kadir) jarkko thank you !!!!!!
(23:18) (vano) Mr. Cohen, will you never gone come to Mexico??? Why don't come to sing to Latin )merica???
(23:18) (faylasoof) :(
(23:18) Leonard: No plan to tour but thanks for the invitation.
(23:18) (babz) What might change your mind?
(23:18) (faylasoof) would you be interested in a project of having some of your work traslated into Arabic?
(23:19) Leonard: I'm having dinner with Roshi in a couple of hours and I'm going to have to leave in order to prepare it. It was good talking to you.
(23:19) (dem) Leonard:would you like to come in our Hydra meeting and play a few songs in your guitar?
(23:19) (John_Kell) hey..i wanted to ask Leonard..do you have any hobbies, like D.I.Y or down to earth things like that?
(23:19) (Tim) have a good meal, Leonard
(23:19) (MarieM) Thanks for coming Leonard with your friends. Say hi to Roshi for us.
(23:19) (Tim) thanks for your time
(23:19) (faylasoof) Best Wishes Leonard, and good luck. Don't Stop!
(23:19) (babz) Bless you for all you've done!
(23:19) (Adam) best wishes, Leonard :-)
(23:19) (LC_lover) Wish you all the best, Leonard!! Love you...
(23:20) (Bobbie) Please Sylvia, don't leave just yet... :-)
(23:20) (dem) Thanks for all Leonard!
(23:20) (kadir) thanks Leonard !
(23:20) (.image) Take care
(23:20) (N) Leonard. Have you ever blatantly lied while being interviewed?
(23:20) (Hydra_Wol) Wishing you were her
(23:20) (Sarah) Thank you Leonard.
(23:20) (vano) Mr. Cohen, do you still think the future is a murder???
(23:20) (kadir) hope you visit us again Leonard !
(23:20) (susanshhu) seriously, thanks for everything.
(23:20) *** Sylvia has quit IRC (Leaving)