Norway, 1993


1. Dans meg gjennom kropp og ånd, 4:10, Somebody’s Darling (Dance me to the end of love)
2. Alle vet jo det 5:00, Kari Bremnes (Everybody knows)
3. Spurv på en snor 3:50, Kristen Bråten Berg (Bird on the wire)
4. Susanne 4:04, Kristin Solli (Suzanne)
5. Jeanne d’Arc 5:04, Claudia Scott (Jean d’Arc)
6. Barmhjertige søstre 4:03, Sidsel Endresen (Sisters of mercy)
7. Kapteinen 4:03, Somebody’s Darling (The Captain)
8. Det er krig 3:01, Claudia Scott (There is a war)
9. Gikk du noen gang fri? 4:58, Kari Bremnes (Famous blue raincoat)
10. Hvem i flammer 3:24, Kristin Solli (Who by fire)
11. På gjensyn, lille venn 5:11, Kirsten Bråten Berg (So long, Marianne)
12. Du vet hvem jeg er 3:03, Sidsel Endresen (You know who I am)

Total time: 49:22. Published by Kirkelig Kulturverksted in Ascehoug, Norway. Its cataloque number is FXDC 128. Produced by Lasse Hafreager and Erik Hillestad. All translations from English by Håvard Rem.

This is a marvellous collection of cover versions of Leonard’s songs - all of them in Norwegian and by famous female artists of Norway. It does not matter at all if you don’t understand the words. These versions reach the deepest meanings of Leonard’s songs.

"Hadde månen en søster" means "If the moon had a sister", and comes from "The Law" in "Various Positions".

The CD was released on September 21st, 1993, on Leonard’s 59th birthday. There is also a promo single (FXS 18) with "Dans meg gjennom kropp og ånd". The artists have appeared several times on the Norwegian television, especially Kari Bremnes.

Musicians: CC Cowboys (Magnus Grønneberg, Trond Berg, Agne Saether and Håvard Eidsaunet). Project leaders Lars Ulseth and Tom Skjeklesaether.

Somebody’s Darlings are Liz-Tove Vespestad and Tine Valand.

This photo has been scanned from the cover. From left: Kristin Solli, Liz-Tove Vespestad, Tine Valand, Sidsel Endresen, Kirsten Bråten Berg, Kari Bremnes and Claudia Scott.

A special limited edition book was published to promote the album. Read more!


In 2017 the album was reissued on vinyl, 24 years after the CD!
Also the book is still (again?) available!