Copyright © 1999, 2006 Leonard Cohen.
Reprinted with permission.
All rights reserved.

Webmaster's note:

Leonard Cohen gave me this drawing in June 1999 when I met him in Los Angeles. He had recently left the Mount Baldy Zen Center. I posted it on these Blackening Pages with Leonard's permission.

Leonard went to India to study in Mumbai. Later I heard that several journalists who had seen the drawing here tracked him down to ask about the mysterious lady, and there were comments from some others who didn't like the text. So we decided to remove it. Now, after seven years, it is time to show it again - here on The Blackening Pages in original colors, and also on page 23 of Book of Longing, in black and white. Also read the poem Leaving Mt. Baldy on page 22 of the book!

- Jarkko