This morning I woke up again
I thank my Lord for that
The world is such a pigpen
That I have to wear a hat

I love the Lord I praise the Lord
I do the Lord forgive
I hope I won't be sorry
For allowing Him to live

I know you like to get me drunk
And laugh at what I say
I'm very happy that you do
I'm lonely every day

I'm angry at the angel
Who pinched me on the thigh
And made me fall in love
With every woman passing by

I know they are your sisters
And your daughters and your wives
But even tho' they live at home
They all lead double lives

It's fun to run to heaven
When you're off the beaten track
But G-d is such a monkey
When you've got Him on your back

G-d is such a monkey
And He's such a woman too
SHe's such a place of nothing
SHe's such a face of you

May SHe crash into your temple
And look out thru' your eyes
And make you fall in love
With everybody you despise



Copyright © 1996/1997 by Leonard Cohen. All rights reserved.
Reprinted with Cohen's permission
from the homepage of The Zen Centre of Vancouver.

Thanks to Marie Mazur for help in creating this page.