Passin' thru
Famous blue raincoat
Minute prologue
Bird on the wire
I try to leave you

+ 6 other songs (not by Cohen),
including "Un Canadien errant"

Vocals (plus guitar, blues harp) by Werner Meyer.
Background vocals Claudia Flügel, Petra Münchrath,
Bettina von Kollbeck, Nicole Nagel, Aglaja Camphausen.
A capella: 6-deutig. Guitar: Roger Schaffrath,
Ralph Beerkircher, Till Kersting. Drums: Roland Höppner.
Bass, orgel: Sascha Delbrouck. Cello: Aglaja Camphausen.
Stil: Alex Wilska. Flute: Nadja Schubert

Dedicated to "My Mother 1929-1989"

Limited private release on 33 1/3 vinyl produced by Werner Meyer
"This is a private recording and not for sale"

"When I was young, I often used to play the guitar for my mother, in nightime, and all these Leonard Cohen songs I loved since I bought my first LC record (Songs of Love and Hate) when I was twelve. My mother she mostly had a glass of italian red vine - sitting at the kitchen table. Although I never was a singer nor musician I told her I am doing a recording one day. Only for her. I did. Years later - after she had left us. My mother died on cancer in 1989 at the age of 59. I miss her and I still do - so I called this very private record: EDITH. Thats her name. And the picture on the cover: this is my mother Edith. (Not the one from Leonards novel "Beautiful Loosers", not the sparrow from Paris ...) This vinyl record was made for remembering her, for me, my brothers and sister, for my friends and with the help of some friends. It`s homemade, in 1997, with very small equipment and far away of professional recording, in Cologne, Germany, in a friends room under the roof - it was so hot that time, and all the plants ... - but with all the good feelings you got by doing music and singing together with people you like. This record never will be on the market and you cannot buy it anywhere. "Edith" could only be a present to one you like. There are only a few left." - Werner