A hummingbird is the motif of the Event Ring,
donated to all participants by Leonard. The engraved
texts: "Leonard Cohen" and "Montreal 2000"

The Pin of the Order of the Unified Heart
also donated by Leonard, and his greeting
to the attendees

The Event Poster

Program Guide

The program guide included not only
the schedule but also information on
the performers, and Cohen's early,
unpublished work from the 60's
(short stories and poetry)

Special Event Bookmark

Designed by Liz Madder
given to guests of the
Celebration Dinner at Moishe's

some kind of record
Poems in Tribute to Leonard Cohen
by Stephen Scobie

Published in an edition of 250 copies
for The Leonard Cohen Event
All the poems in this series begin
with a line, or sometimes two lines,
which are the openings of poems or
songs by Leonard Cohen

Essays on Canadian Writing
Leonard Cohen Special Issue
Edited by Stephen Scobie

This book was published only a few days
before The Event, and the participants
were the first to read it.
263 pages of essays on Leonard Cohen and
his work. Click for more information

Limited number of the Event Poster, the Dinner Bookmark,
and Essays on Canadian Writing are still available.
Price information available from Bill Van Dyk
Copies of Stephen Scobie's Poetry book may be available
from the author.