Jan Erik Lundqvist (Sweden) doing his favorite
Cohen song "Tag min vals" (Take This Waltz)

What makes you go on with one artists work year after year? That is a question I have asked myself several times. It must be the feelings that the lyrics and the tune create inside me.

The words grow and die and then again they grow. It is like grass, it never gives up. To get the words moving they are surrounded by music and the whole is dancing in my soul. That is something fantastic.
When I understood that the Swedish interpretations/translations, my own and those made by my friend Jimmy Ginsby, were good enough, I felt that I had to go on and let others share the beauty. To be a part of a big wheel moving around the world it gives my life a new dimension.

But of course, without Mr Leonard Cohen's words regarding 'Bird on the Wire', Ms Esther Cohen's nice words in Montreal and Mr Jarkko Arjatsalo's help my energy may have blown away.
Now, Cohen in Swedish has become part of my life and what am I going to do about it? There is no return.

Jan Erik

Jan Erik Lundqvist, one of our top performers, recently released his tribute to Cohen. Click here for more information about his album "Leonard Cohen på svenska"

On the right: Caisa and Jan Erik Lundqvist signing Jan Erik's albums

Photos © Jarkko Arjatsalo