Warsaw, Poland, March 22, 1985

Photos by Andrzej Kielbowicz

I want to share those photos I took on Various Postion '85 tour in Warsaw, Poland with all the Leonard fans whose hearts are magically unified again by the beauty of Dear Heather. At that time I was photojournalist in Poland so I had a privilege to be so close to the stage for first two songs of the concert. I participated also in two interviews one with polish TV in Warsaw, and another one in Katowice. That was unforgettable experience to meet Leonard face to face and confirm how great person he is in a real life contact.

From Victoria, Canada with Love
Andrzej Kielbowicz

Click here for a photo portrait of Leonard Cohen by Andrzej Kielbowicz

Anjani Thomas, piano & vocals

From Anjani:

This photo gave me a good laugh. Do you see my outfit? We'd just come to Poland from Sweden. Geoff Clennell was supposed to have put all the luggage on the bus, but mine was forgotten at the hotel in Sweden. So I had nothing to wear except the clothes I traveled in and my tour jacket (which i still have). There was no chance to shop because the Minister of Culture warned us not to take unsupervised walks, and my bodyguard didn't show up until the gig that night... Thanks for the memory, Andrzej and Jarkko!



Photos © Andrzej Kielbowicz. Used with permission.