Patricia O'Callaghan

Canada 2011

1. The Gypsy’s Wife
2. The Window
3. Dance Me to the End of Love
4. Who by Fire?
5. Alexandra Leaving
6. Everybody Knows
7. Suzanne
8. If it be your Will
9. Anthem

Bonus Tracks (from previous recordings):
10. The Smokey Life (featuring Steven Page)
11. Joan of Arc
12. I’m your Man
13. Hallelujah

Total playing time: 56:53

Marquis Classics, Canada 2011, Cat # MAR 417

Patricia O’Callaghan's idea behind the title: "The Matador Tavern is a legend in Toronto, where Cohen used to go, and which the song "Closing Time" was about. It’s a strong, evocative, and romantic title, and, well, Cohen is a bit of a matador, certainly a lady killer, and a fighter for truth, someone who’s willing to go to the edge, and like the matador, he is a dying breed."