<HTML> <head> <TITLE>Leonard Cohen in Afrikaans by Koos van der Merwe (2013)" </TITLE><script type="text/javascript" src="fader.js"> //Link Fader- By Fayez Zaheer (fayez@design64.net) //http://design64.net //Visit JavaScript Kit (http://javascriptkit.com) for script </script> </head> <body bgcolor="#000000" text=#EFEB91 link="silver" vlink="silver" alink="silver"> <CENTER> <table cellpadding=20 bgcolor="#222344" width=650><TR><TD> <CENTER> <BR><br> <IMG SRC="merwe.jpg" width=350><br><BR> <BR> <FONT COLOR="#EFEB91"> <FONT SIZE=+3>L</FONT><FONT SIZE=+2>EONARD </FONT> <FONT SIZE=+3>C</FONT><FONT SIZE=+2>OHEN </FONT> <FONT SIZE=+3>I</FONT><FONT SIZE=+2>N </FONT> <FONT SIZE=+3>A</FONT><FONT SIZE=+2>FRI-</FONT> <FONT SIZE=+3>K</FONT><FONT SIZE=+2>AANS</FONT> <BR><BR> <h3>Koos van der Merwe</h3> <h3>South Africa 2013</h3> <BR> </FONT> <TABLE><TR><TD> 1. Dans my na liefde toe / Dance Me to the End of Love <BR> 2. Babilon / By the rivers Dark <BR> 3. Beroemde blou reen jas / Famous Blue Raincoat <BR> 4. As u dit so wil / If It Be Your Will<BR> 5. Hallelujah<BR> 6. Wys my die plek / Show Me the Place<BR> 7. Dis nie hoe ons totsiens moet se / Hey, That's No Way to Say Goodbye<BR> 8. Slaapliedjie / Lullaby<BR> 9. Die gypsy se vrou / The Gypsy's Wife<BR> 10. Die gaste / The Guests<BR> 11. Ballade van die wegloopmerrie / Ballad of the Absent Mare<BR> 12. Suzanne <BR> 13. Almal weet dit wel / Everybody Knows<BR> 14. Hallelujah <BR> <BR> Released in South Africa in May 2013. </TD></TR></TABLE><BR> <BR><BR><FONT SIZE="-1"><I>Thanks to Roman Gavrilin</I> </TD></TR></TABLE> <CENTER> <BR><BR><BR> <A HREF="mrcohen.html"><IMG SRC="but-prev.gif" ALT="[PREV PAGE]" BORDER=0></A> <A HREF="aq-album2.html"><IMG SRC="but-next.gif" ALT="[NEXT PAGE]" BORDER=0></A> <A HREF="indez.html"><IMG SRC="but-ndx.gif" ALT="[INDEX PAGE]" BORDER=0></A> <A HREF="covers.html"><IMG SRC="but-subi.gif" ALT="[SUB INDEX PAGE]" BORDER=0></A> </center> </BODY> </HTML>