After a while
I started playing with dolls
I loved their peaceful expressions
They all had their places
in a corner of Room 315

I would say to myself:
It doesn´t matter
that you can´t breathe
that you are hopelessly involved
in the panic of the situation -
It is the will of G-d

I´d light a cigarette
and a stick of Nag Champa
Both would burn too fast
in the draft of the ceiling fan

Then I might say
something like:
Thank You
for the terms of my life
which make it so painfully clear
that I am powerless
to control You

and I´d watch CNN
the rest of the night
from a completely different
point of view

Copyright © 1999 by Leonard Cohen. All rights reserved.
Reprinted here with Leonard Cohen's permission.

Photo © 199 by Ratnesh Mathur, Mumbay, India
Used with permission.