Pattern: /A A / Strumming the chords: 1 2 & 3 & 4 5 & 6 & two times per bar (6/8). Booklet Greatest Hits: "I began this on Aylmer Street in Montreal and finished it a yaer or so later at the Chelsea Hotel in New York. I didn't think I was saying goodbye but I guess I was. She gave me many songs, and she has given songs to others too. She is a Muse. A lot of people I know think that there is nothing more important than making a song. Fortunately, this belief arises infrequently in their conversation."

Here comes the morning boat
Here comes the evening train
Here comes Marianne now
to wave goodbye again
So long, Marianne ...

    /A          /                 /Bm      /    /
Come over to the window, my little darling,
D          /D               /A      /
I'd like to try to read your palm.
G              /                  /D          /
I used to think I was some kind of Gypsy boy,
F#m      /               /E    Esus4/
before I let you take me home.
E  E7 /A        /        /F#m           /
   Now so long, Marianne, it's time that we began
   /E  Esus4 /E E7  /E  Esus4/E       E7       /A     /Asus4  /A  /Asus4 /A
to laugh and cry and cry and laugh about it all again.
    /A   etc.
Well you know that I love to live with you,
but you make me forget so very much.
I forget to pray for the angels
and then the angels forget to pray for us.

Now so long, Marianne, it's time that we began ...

We met when we were almost young
deep in the green lilac park.
You held on to me like I was a crucifix,
as we went kneeling through the dark.

Oh so long, Marianne, it's time that we began ...

Your letters they all say that you're beside me now.
Then why do I feel alone?
I'm standing on a ledge and your fine spider web
is fastening my ankle to a stone.

Now so long, Marianne, it's time that we began ...

For now I need your hidden love.
I'm cold as a new razor blade.
You left when I told you I was curious,
I never said that I was brave.

Oh so long, Marianne, it's time that we began ...

Oh, you are really such a pretty one.
I see you've gone and changed your name again.
And just when I climbed this whole mountainside,
to wash my eyelids in the rain!

Oh so long, Marianne, it's time that we began ...

(last two verses not on CD)

Oh your eyes, well I forgot Your eyes
Your body's at home in every sea.
How come you gave away your news to everyone
That you said was a secret for me.

Oh so long, Marianne, it's time that we began ... 

If you leave, where will I keep you then
In my heart as some men say
But I who was born to love everyone
Why should I keep you so far away?

Oh so long, Marianne, it's time that we began ... 

For Marianne from "Flowers for Hitler"

It's so simple
to wake up beside your ears
and count the pearls
with my two heads

It takes me back to black boards
and I'm running with Jane
and seeing the day run

It makes it so easy
to govern this country
I've already thought up the laws
I'll work hard all day
in Parliament

Then let's go to bed
right after supper
Lets's sleep and wake up
all night

There is a french version of this song by Georges Chelon

Here is the first verse: 

J`étais je pense comme un bohémian
Et je lisais les lignes de ta main
Tu as tué mon âme de gitan
Et je t'en veux, t'en loue en même temps

Adieu Marianne 
Le temps vient où nous allons rire
Pleurer et rire pleurer puis en rire à nouveua

Norwegian Translation:


Kom bort til vinduet, du kjæste.
Jeg skulle likt â lese din hând.
Jeg trodde jeg var et slags sigøynerbarn,
før jeg lot deg ta meg hjem.

   Pâ gjensyn, lille venn.
   Pâ tide du og jeg
   fikk le og grâte, grâte og le
   av alt igjen.

Du vet at jeg har det godt hos deg.
Men du gjør at jeg glemmer sâ mangt.
Jeg glemmer â be for min engel.
Og da glemmer englene â be for oss.

Jeg var nesten ung da jeg møtte deg, 
dypt i en liljehvit park.
Knelende gikk vi i mørket inn,
mens du knuget meg som et krusifiks.

Dine brev forteller du er hos meg nâ.
Sâ hvorfor er jeg ensom da?
Jeg stâr ved et stup, og ditt fine spindelvev,
det fester mine føtter til en sten. 

For jeg trenger den varmen du skjuler nâ.
Jeg er kald som barberblad av stâl.
Du dro da jeg fortalte hva jeg pønsket pâ.
Jeg sa aldri at jeg hadde mot.

 du, du er en fin en ,du!
Jeg hører du igjen har skiftet navn.
Og nâ som jeg har klatret hele fjellet opp,
for â skylle mine øyne i regn.