by Sylvie Simmons

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Title I'm Your Man - The Life of Leonard Cohen
Author Sylvie Simmons
Country & Year USA/Canada/UK (hardcover) 2012
UK 2013 (Paperback)
Publishers Harper Collins, USA (2012)
McClelland & Stewart, Canada (2012)
Jonathan Cape/Random House, UK (2012)
Vintage Books, UK (2013, paperback)
Random House, Canada (2013, large size paperback de luxe edition)
Pages USA and Canada: 576
UK: hardcover 560, paperback 546
Canada: large-size, de luxe edition 570
Notes USA: ISBN 9780061994982
Canada: 9780771080401
Canada: 9780771080418 (large-size paperback, deluxe edition
UK: 9780224090636 (hardcover)
UK: 9780099549321 (paperback)
Summary I’m Your Man is the definitive account of that extraordinary life. Acclaimed music journalist Sylvie Simmons crafts a portrait of Cohen as nuanced as the man himself, drawing on a wealth of research that includes Cohen’s personal archives and more than a hundred exclusive interviews with those closest to Cohen—from his lovers, friends, monks, professors, rabbis and fellow musicians to his muses, including Rebecca De Mornay, Marianne Ihlen, Suzanne Elrod and Suzanne Verdal—and most important, with Cohen himself, whose presence infuses these pages.

Starting in , Cohen’s birthplace, where he first found fame as a poet in the fifties, Simmons follows his trail, via London and the Greek island of Hydra, to New York in the sixties, where he launched his music career. From there she traces the arc of his prodigious achievements to his remarkable retreat in the mid-nineties—when on the cusp of marriage to a beautiful actress and enjoying the success of his best-selling album to date, he entered a monastery on a rocky mountaintop above Los Angeles—and finally to his reemergence for a sold-out world tour almost fifteen years later. Whether navigating Cohen’s journeys through the back streets of Mumbai or the countless hotel rooms where he has stayed along the way, Simmons explores with equal focus every complex, contradictory strand of Cohen’s life—from the halls of academia to the arenas of rock ’n’ roll—and presents a deeply insightful portrait of both the artist and the man whose vision, spirit, depth and talent continue to move people like no one else.

Read an interview with Sylvie Simmons here

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Title German edition: I'm Your Man. Das Leben des Leonard Cohen
Dutch edition: I'm Your Man - Het leven van Leonard Cohen
Spanish edition: Soy tu hombre. La vida de Leonard Cohen
Danish edition:I'm Your Man - En biografi om Leonard Cohen
Italian edition: Vita di Leonard Cohen
Hebrew edition: [The Life of Leonard Cohen]
Norwegian edition: I'm Your Man - Leonard Cohens Liv
Polish edition: Leonard Cohen - Jestem twoim mężczyzną
Chinese edition: [Leonard Cohen - I'm Your Man]
Finnish edition: I'm Your Man - Leonard Cohenin elämä
Slovenian edition: Pravi moški zate - Življenje Leonarda
Taiwanese edition: [I'm Your Man: The Life of Leonard Cohen]
Portuguese/Brazilian edition: I'm Your Man - La vida de Leonard Cohen
French editions (Canada and France): I'm Your Man - la vie de Leonard Cohen
Turkish edition: I'm Your Man: Cohen'in Hayati
Korean edition: I'm Your Man - [The Life of Leonard Cohen]
Portuguese (for Portugal) edition: I'm Your Man - A vida de Leonard Cohen
Croatian edition: I'm Your Man: Život Leonarda Cohena
Translated by: Germany edition: Kirsten Borchardt
Dutch edition: René Van Veen
Spanish edition: Franciscoi J. Ramos Mena
Danish edition: Jakob Levinsen
Italian edition: Yuri Garrett
Hebrew Edition: Udi Tagri
Norwegian edition: Håvard Rem
Polish edition: Magdalena Bugajska
Chinese edition: Zhen Chen
Finnish edition: Jouni Jussila
Slovenian edition: Miha Avanzo and Mario Batelić
Taiwan: ?
Portuguese/Brazilian edition: Patrícia Azeredo
French editions (Canada and France): Élisabeth Domergue and Françoise Vella
Turkish edition: Duygu Akin
Korean edition: Min Jeong
Portuguese/Portugal edition: Paulo Faria
Croatian edition: Selma Muftić Pustički
Country & Year Germany/The Netherlands/Spain 2012
Italy/Israel/Norway/Poland/Denmark 2013
China/Finland/Slovenia 2014
Taiwan 2015
Brazil 2016
Canada/Turkey/Denmark 2017
South Korea/France 2018
Portugal 2019
Croatia 2019
Publishers Germany: btb Verlag
The Netherlands: Nijgh & Van Ditmar
Spain: Editorial Lumen
Denmark: Gyldendal
Italy: Caissa Italia
Israel: Kinneret, Zmora-Bitan, dvir Publishing House Ltd.
Norway: Cappelen Damm
Poland: Wydawnictwo Marginesy, Warsaw
China: CNS - China South Publishing & Media Group Co, Beijing and Shanghai
Finland: Sammakko
Slovenia: Založba Mladinska knjiga
Taiwan: Chinese Times Publishing Co, Taipei
Brazil: Editora BestSeller, Brazil
Canada (Quebec): Edito
Turkey: Kara Plak
France: Les Editions de l'Echappée
Portugal: Edições Tinta da China
Croatia: Vuković & Runjić
Pages Germany: 752 + photo insert
The Netherlands: 448 + photo insert
Spain: 742 + photo insert
Denmark: 559 + photo insert
Italy: 448 + photo insert
Israel: 512 (book only); 574 (including all comments in appendix)
Norway: 576 + photo insert
Poland: 600 - multiple photos throughout the book
China: 429, no photos
Finland: 541 + photo insert
Slovenia: 656, no photos
Taiwan: 528 + photo insert
Brazil: 504 + photo insert
Canada and France: 576 + photo insert
Turkey: 448, no photos
Portugal: 616
Croatia: 480 + photo insert
Notes ISBN:
Germany: 9783442752928
Netherlands: 9789038896298 (Paperback)
Spain: 9788426419194
Italy: 9788867290192
Israel: 9789655525717
Norway: 9788202410407
Poland: 9788363656645
China: 8613701371629
Finland: 9789524832847
Slovenia: 9789610132752
Taiwan: 9789571362410
Brazil: 9788576849773
Canada: 9782924720257
Turkey: 9786056640797
Denmark: 9788702103663
France: 9782373090420
Portugal: 9789896715106
Croatia: 9789532862263