Arranged by Cohenights Arts Society

Contest Purpose: To engage film makers in creative interpretation of Leonard Cohen's recorded music in order to widen the appreciation of his art with listeners/viewers of all ages, and to bring new and exciting original video art to life for use at both Leonard Cohen Night celebrations and, through broadcast, to audiences at large.

Contest Framework: There will be two levels of the video contest, student and professional. The students will be competing for a $500 prize and the professionals will be competing for $3000 of which $2000 is cash from the Cohenights Arts Society and $1000+ in goods and services in kind from FAVA (The Film and Video Arts Society of Alberta) and broadcast partners to help them create and show the end product.

The winner in the student category would have their video shown at Leonard Cohen Night the same year, the winner in the professional category would simply be announced and then their video shown the following year after their proposal is made to professional standards with help of FAVA, broadcast partners and possibly arts grants that could be applied for once the winner is announced. A SONY BMG MUSIC CANADA representative will participate in the judging panel.

The initial partners in the enterprise would be the Cohenights Arts Society, FAVA, and (TBA) broadcasters. We hope to develop partnerships national music television networks so that the winning videos reach a wide audience.

The contest will pilot in 2005 considering applicants only from Alberta. We anticipate opening it up in future years to national and international applicants. This year's winners will be announced at the Leonard Cohen Night September 24, 2005 at the Westin Edmonton Hotel, and be shown at the Berlin International Event in August 2006.

For further information please contact Kim Solez at, phone 780-407-2607, fax 780-407-2608.