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Radio Trojka's
45th Anniversary Concert
March 31, 2007

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Photo below:
© 2007 Radio Trojka/Darek Kawka.

Leonard and Anjani wrote their greetings on the wall after the interview. Photos © 2007 Eija Arjatsalo
Introduction by Marek Niedzwiedzki
Leonard Cohen's opening words (see below)
Anjani's songs:
1. Blue Alert
2. The Golden Gate
3. Half the Perfect World
4. Innermost Door
5. No One After You
6. Never Got to Love You
7. Thanks for the Dance
8. Whither Thou Goest

9. Nightingale

Songs 6 and 8 were duets with Leonard
Click on the links to hear the duets from the 1heckofaguy.com website

Anjani Thomas - vocals, piano
Lou Pomanti - keyboard
Rob Piltch - guitar
Scott Alexander - bass

Photo on the right:
© Agnieszka Ksenia Wojtanowska

Four close-ups © 2007 Vlad Arghir, processed by Wojtek Wilk

"Thank you so much, friends... Please, sit down, thank you so much. Thank you, Marek, thank you very much. Thank you for coming tonight. Thank you, the listeners of Trˇjka. It's a great privilege and a great honour for us to be here. We were here 22 years ago. There were brave men in prison. There were people under house arrest. There was the Heavy Hand over the society and over the culture. And here today, 22 years later, they're calling this the "New Paris". Warsaw is the new Paris. Well, maybe Warsaw doesn't want to be the new Paris? In any case, we don't live in Warsaw, we don't live in Paris although those geographies may define our actual location; we live in other places that are more intimate and more real and more authentic than whatever the official culture defines us as. I was reading in Milosz's book today... just one beautiful paragraph... He says:"

Man has been given to understand that he lives only by the grace of those in power. Let him therefore busy himself sipping coffee, catching butterflies. And whoever cares for the republic will have his right hand cut off. There is so much death and that is why affection for pigtails, bright-coloured skirts in the wind, for paper boats no more durable than we are.(*)

"And then the poem just drifts off. And it's in that drifting off that these songs that we have tonight are written. Just... The songs not of great love, not of... songs that address the great bewildering challenges of today whether they're global warming of the clash of civilizations or the resolution of all the horrendous conflicts that beset us. These are songs that Anjani and I wrote about the little places, about the little loves, about the little corners."
"Some distinguished musicians have come with us from Canada. And I'd like to introduce them to you. These are master musicians - soloists and composers in their own right. On keyboard, Lou Pomanti. On guitar, Rob Piltch. On bass, Scott Alexander."

"These songs are honoured by the company of these musicians. Now, one day... I know Anjani very well - some of you may know - we've been singing and working and living together for many years, but one day very recently I woke up and I heard her singing in a completely different voice. It was as though her voice--and I know her voice very, very well--but it was as though her voice had moved from the throat to the heart. And it was a completely different sound, a completely different timbre, a completely different dimension."

"And I was so happy when she began to put my words to music, so I hope that you will find favour in these songs that we're going to offer you tonight. They are new songs with a new voice, and I'd like to present to you Anjani."

*) an excerpt from Polish poet and 1980 Literary Nobel Prize laureate, Czeslaw Milosz's "Alfabet Milosza" (pub. 1997).
"I feel so lucky to have been a part of writing these songs which I think might have laid buried in Leonard's notebooks for a long time--maybe forever--if we had not found them and given them some tender loving care. I feel like the world could always use another of Leonard Cohen's song. And this one I think is a particularly fun for me, because it's a song that he never would have written for himself. It's really kind of my tune. This is No One After You... - Anjani

Visit Anjani's website at www.anjani.music.com

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Transcription from tape by Artur Jarosinski

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