To read more details on this musical written by Leonard Cohen and Lewis Furey, go to the Filmography section. We have also included all the lyrics. On this page we tell you how to hear or watch this seldom-seen musical!

Michael is a singer and a composer. At thirty-five, he wants it all: love, success and money... and he is impatient. How much longer will he have to accept second-class engagements in second-class halls? One day, his ship comes in as three beautiful angels appear before him. All he needs to do it to voice his desires and he will get everyhting he dreams of. But Michael's intense desires unleash powers which he can no longer master. At last, he gets success, money and love: Judy, the gracious angel he is smitten by, will come down to play in the terrestial arena for the love of him. But what will this enchantments lead to?

The home video is available from the producer: The Alliance Releasing, MCA Home Video Canada, 2450 Victoria Park Avenue, Willowdale, Ontario M2J 4A2, Canada. Item # AVF 1018. Color and Hi-Fi, 1:35, VHS NTSC, issued in 1988.

In 1991 a soundtrack CD was issued, also in France, by Mantra (# 642059). The 16-page booklet is complete with Cohen's lyrics, movie pictures and cast. Total time 77:49 - all the songs of the movie are included! Sorry to say, but it seems to be almost impossible to find copies (at least new ones) of this CD nowadays.

The original 12" double-LP album is RCA PL-70643 (2), issued in 1985 in France, with poster and all lyrics, made in France in 1985. This is a true collectors' item. I found my promo copy at a little Parisian record shop specialized in used records.

Albert Labbouz, France, reports that he has a vinyl album titled Carole Laure et Lewis Furey enregistrement public au théâtre de la Porte St Martin, issued as early as in 1982 in France (RCA Saravah RSL1095). One of the tracks is I've counted what I have (Words by Leonard Cohen, music by Lewis Furey).

"Slowly I married her" single

One of the songs Leonard Cohen wrote with Lewis Furey is neither included in the "Night magic" soundtrack or in the live "Enregistrement public au Thetre de la Porte Saint-Martin" album.

Actually, it's a studio single which was obviously released to promote the show at the Theatre de la Porte Saint-Martin: it's got the poster of the shows on the sleeve (exactly the same as the live album sleeve) and it was released just prior to the shows.

Here are the details of the single :

A. I should have known (Lewis Furey)
B. Slowly, I married her (Words : Leonard Cohen, Music : Lewis Furey)
(Saravah/RCA, France, 1982, cat. no RSB 504)

Thanks to Serge Mironneau (France) for the CD
(he found it at the flea market of Paris),
to Rob Robillard (Canada) for the home video
to Albert Labbouz (France) for additional info, and
to J.-C. Brochard for finding the rare single