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  • Commemorative Releases and Editions

    Closing Time - A numbered CD box to honour the Royal Albert Hall concerts in 1993.

    Stranger Music - A numbered commemorative edition of the poetry collection and reprints of Cohen's paintings in a special box.

    Special Phonograms & Picture Discs

    Interviews on albums - promotional recorded interviews: The Future Radio Special (1992) and The Earth Radio News Interview (1988)

    Postcard singles - specialties from Poland

    Amnesty International - Picture Disc

    Book/CD Combinations

    Sköna Förlorare - Swedish translation of Beautiful Losers with bonus CD

    Leonard Cohen Live In Concert Combination of the Live album and a 48 page colourful book in French

    Posters and Postcards

    The Portrait Poster by Sam Tata

    More Posters a selection of tour and promo posters

    Postcards - some commercial postcards, collectible photocards and stickers

    Tour Books

    Tour Books - selection 1974-1993

    Promotional photos (before 2000)

    Promo photos 1994-1995

    Reprints of Paintings

    The Mirror - French reprint of Cohen's artwork

    The Art Portfolio - three reprints of paintings

    The Lines Of The Poet - Morton Rosengarten's drawing of Leonard Cohen.

    I'm Your Fan Promo Items

    Les Inrockuptibles - the Magazine with CD insert

    More Fans - another promo CD

    The Future Promo Items

    The Future Lyrics - two promo booklets

    The Future: promotional items - a selection of the collectibles

    Ten New Songs Promo Items

    Promo Photos - by Laszlo

    Ten New Songs booklets and videos - from Germany and France

    See also Promo singles

    Dear Heather Promo Items

    Promotional lithography and postcards

    See also Promo singles

    Remasters Promo Items

    Vinyl single and CD sampler (2007)

    Live in London Promo Items

    Vinyl single and promo poster (2009)

    You Want It Darker Promo Items

    Poster, post cards, lyrics booklet, T shirts (2016)

    Title photo: artwork on the front of the presentation box of the Stranger Music special edition

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