1. The Future wrist watch, a sleeve badge, a tattoo sticker, a pin and the Order of the Unified Hearts ring.
2. The Future Mug
3. The Future shirt (taken from eBay)

(A pair of handcuffs was one of the items in The Future press kit.)

Promotional 7" and CD singles are featured
in the Gallery of Picture Sleeve Singles.
Hint: want The Future mug? Take the CD booklet of the album to your local photo lab -- they'll print the logo on a mug - it looks just like the genuine one! Total costs for instance in Finland would be about 7 USD.
This is just a selection of The Future memorabilia - taken from my own collection. All contributions to this page are appreciated; email me at

The Future watches were made in two different designs.
Both these are from Linda Holtom's collection.

Promotional only cassette - issued by Sony in very
limited quantity and sent to selected industry professionals
only for promotional consideration/airplay
From the collection of Dominique Boile

Promotional preview only cassette - issued by Sony Australia
From the collection of Dominique Boile

Last update on September 30, 2007