These songs are about Leonard Cohen or
mention him either in the title or lyrics.

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Artist Song title Album Year of issue
Adam Again l.c. Perfecta USA 1995
Artzi, Shlomo Kol ehad ve hasipur shelo (To each his own story) Tzimaon (Thirst) Israel 2002
Austin Lounge Lizards Leonard Cohen's Day Job Employee of the month USA 1998
Babinski, Tony & friends Leonard, light my cigarette (on the soundtrack of the short film)) Canada 1996
Banai, Ehud Speak up - the language of the Hebrew man Aneh li (Answer me) Israel 2004
Bdab Leonard Cohen at 4 am Mark of the bead USA 2004
Blue, David Marianne Stories USA 1972
Bunbury, Enrique Los restos del naufragio (The rests of the wreck) El viaje a ninguna parte (The journey to nowhere) Spain 2004
Cochrane, Tom Marianne and Lenny Xray sierra USA 1998
Cole, Lloyd & The Commotions Speedboat Rattlesnakes USA 2004
D'Urso, Joe & The Stone Caravan Leonard Cohen Glow USA 1998
Emmets, David Leonard Cohen Controlling the usersUSA 2003
Eskimovähemmistö Leonard Cohen Maakuntasarjan mutapainia Finland 1994
Felix, Julie The heart of music Highway of diamonds UK 2008
Gerry Alvarez Odyssey, The It's only just a dream Candy prankster Canada 2006
Hammond, Marie-Lynn When Leonard Cohen Sings Unreleased Canada 1999
Harvey Danger Why I'm lonely King James Version USA 2000
Jaensch, Juergem & Block, Gerald Great little town of history Gedanken im Kerzenlicht Germany 1998
Johansen, Kevin & The Nada Everybody Says (Al Maestro Leonard Cohen) Logo Spain 2007
Khaya Summer/Winter song (single) UK 1997
Lewis, Jeffrey The Chelsea Hotel oral sex song The last time I did acid I went insane USA 2004
Marsyas Venovani L Cohenovi Jen tak Czechoslovakia 1984
McMurty, James You’d a’ thought (Leonard Cohen must die) Just us kids USA 2008
Melys When you put Leonard Cohen on Rumours and curses UK 1998
Mercury Rev A drop in time All is dream USA 2001
Mirrors Hitler and Leonard Cohen Green Dream USA 2005
Morose How I killed Leonard Cohen Playing the indie game Italy 2004
Mitchell, Joni Rainy night house Ladies of the canyon USA 1970
Munly & The Lee Lewis Harlots Rufus Wainwright, I'm coming after you Munly & The Lee Lewis Harlots - bonus DVD USA 2005
Nirvana Pennyroyal tea In utero USA 1993
Nits, The The night-owl Giant normal dwarf Holland 1990
Nits, The Yöpöllö (in Finnish) (single) Holland 1990
Perri, Sandro Family tree Tiny mirrors Canada 2008
Pomerance, Eric To Leonard from the hospital You used to think USA 1968
pg 99 The lonesome waltz of Leonard Cohen Singles USA 2003
Rheostatics, The Ugly Manhattan The nightline sessions Canada 2007
Run With The Kittens Like a Leonard Cohen novel Condos and lofts Canada 2007
Shapiro, Rick The Leonard Cohen of dick whippers Unconditional love USA 1998
Soucie, Kevin Beige-colored world Cosmopolite USA 2005
Sulke, Stephan Leonard Cohen ...Ich mach's wieder Germany 2001
Teach yourselves piano Lemons Sweet waltz, bitter waltz USA 2006
Tesseractive Channeling Leonard Cohen Datalyst USA 1999
Thumpermonkey Making bombs while listening to Leonard Cohen Alpha Romeo UK 2003
Tuhatkauno Leonard Cohen Eskimovähemmistö ja 40 koiraa Finland 2003
Vecchioni, Roberto Leonard Cohen Milady Italy 1992
West, Lizzie Looking for Leonard Cohen, Pt. 1 I pledge allegiance to myself USA 2006
White, Nancy Leonard Cohen's never gonna bring my groceries in Momnipotent - Song for weary parents Canada 1990
White, Nancy Getta down offa that (unreleased) Canada 1999
Vreeswijk, Cornelis Till Linnea via Leonard Cohen Cornelis Vreeswijk collection Sweden 1991
Wilcox, Steve Hydra 1994 My songs, your songs Canada 1996

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