The new live album Can't Forget, Souvenir of The Grand Tour will be released on May 8, 2015. Ten rare tracks from the recent 2012-2013 Tour. Some songs were recorded during the sound checks, and have never been released before. Go to the album page on this site!
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The full length live video and album was released on December 2, 2014. 30 songs filmed in HD quality during the Old Ideas tour at the O2 Arena in Dublin on September 12, 2013, plus three bonus songs from Concerts in Canada
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The new studio album was released on September 23, 2014. Nine brand new songs!
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Listen to "Almost Like the Blues" here on YouTube
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New books in 2014/2015

At least twelve books on Leonard Cohen's life and work have been/will be published in 2014-2015, to celebrate his 80th birthday. More here

Complete 2012-2013 tour schedule with links to reviews of all concerts here

Introduction to Leonard's Tour Band

Read more about the concerts on The Leonard Cohen Forum:
  • The Pacific tour (November - December 2013) here
  • The European tour (June - September 2013) here
  • The North American tour (March - April 2013) here

    Old Ideas, Leonard Cohen's acclaimed studio album was released on January 31, 2012. Available in CD and Vinyl formats. Click here to see the cover art, the track list, and complete lyrics!

    A recent DVD/CD, BluRay, LP release with 12 songs in 16:9 high definition with surround 5.1 sound, filmed in various locations during the World Tour 2008-2009. Bonus material: interviews with the band and crew members. More here

    A complete concert on 2 CDs and one DVD, recorded at O2 in London on July 17, 2008. 26 songs, run time 157 min. Directed and produced by Edward Sanders, released by Sony Music in 2009. More here

    Live at Isle of Wight on August 31, 1970. The famous festival concert finally on CD/DVD, 2LP, and BluRay. 19 songs (audio) / 16 songs (video). Released in October 2009 by Columbia/Legacy. More here

    Complete Filmography of Leonard Cohen here.

    Leonard Cohen's most recent book is a collection of previously unpublished poems and drawings, many of them created on Mount Baldy and India. 240 pages. First editions in 2006. More here. Find all editions in various languages here.

    Complete Bibliography of Leonard Cohen here. Gallery of all editions from all over the world here.

    The 2010 World Tour (July 25 - December 12, 2010) took Leonard Cohen and his band to Europe, New Zealand and Australia, and finally to the USA and Canada. Complete list of concerts with links to reports written by our members, reviews and photo galleries here.
    Introduction to the tour band here.

    Connect with the Leonard Cohen Forum to read about the 2010 Tour here.

    The World Tour 2008-2009: 191 concerts in Europe, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and USA. Index page with links to the member reports, reviews and photo galleries here. Concert reports from our members here. Links to our special tour pages here. Complete setlists for all concerts here (pdf file compiled by Maarten Massa).

    Media coverage on Marie's Speaking Cohen website

    Index pages for all earlier tours here.


    April 20 & 21, 2013: Leonard Cohen is the winner of two Juno Awards: Artist of the Year, and Songwriter of The Year. Adam Cohen accepted the Artist of the Year Award on his father's behalf at Saturday's Juno Awards dinner gala in Regina, Canada. On Sunday Leonard's Songwriter of the Year Award was coincidentally presented by Adam! - More here on the Forum

  • The Leonard Cohen Files

    This website has been online since September 1995. We have counted almost 5 million visitors. Today the site has over 1000 pages and a special Forum for people interested in Leonard Cohen's work. The site is hosted by Jarkko Arjatsalo (Finland). All contributions are welcome to

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  • Official site hosted by Sony
  • Leonard Cohen on Facebook
  • Speaking Cohen by Marie Mazur
  • Cohen Centric by Allan Showalter
  • A Thousand Kisses Deep by Tom Sakic
  • The French site by Patrice Clos

    The Leonard Cohen Forum at is the meeting point for our members and all other Leonard Cohen fans. Read the news, discuss the concerts, songs, and books, and get answers to your questions! More than 300,000 messages posted by our 27,000 members. Hosted by Jarkko Arjatsalo and Marie Mazur with the help of several active moderators.

    Leonard Cohen has contributed this website since 1997. Many of his previously unpublished poems, drawings and other works of art have first been posted on the Blackening Pages here.

    Our members organize biennial Leonard Cohen Events since 1998. The first was in Lincoln UK, followed by Montreal, Hydra, New York, Berlin, Edmonton, Krakow, Chicago/Madison WI, and in 2014 in Dublin. Our next Events will be in 2016 in Amsterdam and Edmonton. More here.
    Index page for all Events, meetups and fandom here.

    Between the biennial Events we have a meetup on the Greek island of Hydra. The next one will be in Summer 2017. More here.

    More about Hydra in the 2002 Event report here.

    Find cover stories in magazines around the world here.

    More than 80 tribute albums with Leonard's songs have been released by artists around the globe, and we present all of them. A complete list with links to individual pages here.

    We have also compiled a continously growing list of all cover versions recorded by other artists and released on their albums. The list has now more than 3000 titles. Find it here.

    Leonard Cohen's recent honors include: Two Juno Awards in 2013: Artist of the Year and Songwriter of The Year, The Ninth Glenn Gould Prize (2012), Prince of Asturias award (2011), Member of The American Academy of Arts & Sciences / The Performing Arts category (2011), The Songwriters Hall of Fame (2010), The Grammy Lifetime Achievements Award (2010), The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (2008)... Read more at hosted by Roy Salame.

    Timeline and comprehensive list of Awards, nominations, titles, and honours here

    Leonard Cohen interviewed by Jian Ghomeshi for CBC: here on YouTube

    Sylvie Simmons: I'm Your Man - The Life of Leonard Cohen, a new biography of Leonard Cohen was published in Fall 2012.
    Read interview with the author here
    More about the book, including all translations, on the Bibliography page
    Complete list of all biographies here.


    Leonard Cohen lives in Los Angeles and Montreal. All correspondence should be addressed to his manager, Mr. Robert Kory, at
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